Bangkok Art Biennale

Nonhuman Ethnography

19 October 2018 – 3 February 2019

O.P. Place

Samak Kosem (Thailand) 'Nonhuman Ethnography' 2017-2018   mixed media, photographs, field note, video art and object size variable Collection of the Artist Samak's Nonhuman Ethnography is a series of visual ethnography based on field research at the southernmost provinces of Thailand by focusing on queer ties of human and nonhuman agencies in the realms of anthropocene spaces. This nonhuman ethnography of 'sheep' (2017) and 'waves' (2018) is conceptualized with the idea of art and anthropological methods to explore the representation of coexistence among people, things, and places. The works consist of multi-media images, videos, photographs, writing, drawing, and objects. The videos focus on sheep and waves. The other part of the installation consists of “field notes” in Malayu language. Another segment is the 'Festival of Sacrifice' that dwells on the objects of wool from stray sheep. The work includes an object related to the wave is 'Particle on Talo Kapo,' a painting of color shades of waves with religious texts and curved lines.