The Enmeshed

22 November – 24 December 2017

The Art Centre, Silpakorn University

The Enmeshed contemporary art exhibition presents the selected works that reflect upon variety of current states of people in the southernmost region, where these anecdotes are usually conveyed through image of violence and unrest. This is to invite the audience to connect with their actual lifestyle and notion which is normally difficult to access or understand through other types of media. These perspectives are presented through an anthropologist, artists, cultural workers, local people and groups of socio-political activists, by sharing records of their story and the reality happening in one society—seemingly to have been deliberately enmeshed by conflict and uneasiness in everyday life for a long time.

In Thailand, the aftermath of social exclusion and alienation can be conveyed through diverse episodes and dimensions of conflict. One of the most obvious reflections—but often overlooked the source of problem yet still unexpectedly erodes mentality and tests humanity of Thai people in general—is the insurgency in Pattani, Yala and Narathiwas, the three southernmost provinces of Thailand, lasting for decades with gun and bomb attacks. The causes have been diagnosed from separatist issues, criminal gangs and illegal activities near the Thai border with Malaysia. Both civilians and security forces have been injured and killed, while many people have lost their property and loved ones in the midst of the pain. Besides, the noteworthiness of these incidents seems to have distinctive linkages to the overall of political crisis in Thailand as well.

Same as the contemporary art scene, people in central Bangkok and other areas across the country almost never has opportunity to become acquainted with, access to, or realize over their development of contemporary art as a media under specific context of the southern border provinces. These works of art not only serve aesthetic expressions through their beliefs, ways of life and endemic culture, but also act as a tool to record their anecdote at individual and social levels. Contemporary thinking is used in response to their existence among consciousness, subconscious mind, unconscious mind as well as mental awareness affected by ongoing disturbance, fright and paranoia.